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Blood & Dirt

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Date: 3 years ago
Tasked with rescuing a kidnapped bride and restoring her to her lovelorn groom, it's not investigator Roger Fee's typical line of work. He's mighty hesitant until a hefty check is waved under his nose.

Now he must hypno-learn an alien language while aboard the ultraship headed for primitive and chaotic Nov Austrasia. Assuming he finds the kidnapper's hideout, he'll rescue Vera Dardani from her abductor and see that she returns safety to Earth. Simple enough, but how's all that going to work out?

No such luck. Before long Fee is dodging pirates and disputing with contentious natives. Then it's a rugged jungle trek while being hunted by murderous humans and ravening beasts. Worse yet, Vera would like nothing better than to free herself from her valiant rescuer.

Or will she choose to seduce him?

Crazy mixed-up witch! Sure, she's beautiful, but what's wrong her head?
Keywords: kidnapping, space, pirates, barbarian, storm,

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Comments 3 in total
epublisher - Free selfpublished ebooks, enovels, online publisher
renali 04-18-2014 01:32:21
Title: Cool
Your book is cool☺
0 0 Reply
epublisher - Free selfpublished ebooks, enovels, online publisher
daialanye 03-16-2014 19:12:51
Title: Commentaire, s'il vous plaît!
I need to know what you like or dislike in order to write the centuries great adventure tale. Also, to keep posting this one. Dai Alanye
0 0 Reply
epublisher - Free selfpublished ebooks, enovels, online publisher
daialanye 03-04-2014 21:49:21
Title: Adding more
This is going well but I think I'll wait for a comment or two before adding more chapters.
0 1 Reply
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