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The Starlight Fortress

Total Words: 83750
Total Clicks: 4837
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Date: 3 years ago
By Fiona Rawsontile

For the first time since the war broke eight years ago, the Sunphereans and their allies have something to rely on --- the Starlight Fortress, a giant space structure that may affect their combat strategies and the future of the war. The problem is that few of them have realized its power, and even fewer know how not to waste it.

People think they are not fighting a regular war --- not with an enemy like Emperor Pompey. He creates rules and follows no common sense. When conventional strategies have failed to resist him, the task falls on the shoulders of two lovers: the teenage-looking Queen Geneva, who frequently surprises people with audacity and sophistication, and her seemingly bookish assistant, Sterling, who believes however technology evolves, human wisdom is never outdated. If Sterling had the fortress, he could turn it into their best weapon. Of course, Pompey will not let that happen.

With the shadow of a vast invasion looming ahead and the fortress in the enemy’s hand, the Sunphereans lose their allies one after another. Outnumbered, outgunned, but not outwitted, the inferiors will turn the deep space into a venue of unforgettable adventures. Just as Geneva thinks she has successfully expelled the invaders, another battle begins.

A battle against unknown enemies who need no weapon to bring her down.
Keywords: military romance space star war queen

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epublisher - Free selfpublished ebooks, enovels, online publisher
FionaR 03-23-2014 03:13:45
Title: From the Author: Seeking Feedback!
Dear readers, Thank you so much for reading and supporting my debut novel, The Starlight Fortress! If you check out my Amazon reviews, you’ll see that people either loved it or “hated” it. Please let me know how you like it by leaving a comment here. You can talk about anything. Although I’m not going to change this book, I do plan to write a sequel in the upcoming years, and I’ll keep your opinions in mind. Sincerely, Fiona Rawsontile
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