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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5080 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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“OH, MY GOD! What was he thinking?” I whispered.

I tried to zoom the picture in to view the details but the photograph became pixilated. With innovative technologies, these kinds of pictures could find their way on the internet.

After a few minutes, the phone rang.

“RMBN News, good afternoon,” I greeted as I picked up the phone.

“Hello! How are you?” I heard a familiar voice on the other line.

My eyes glowed as I smiled to greet him.

“Hi, Alex!” I greeted. “I’m fine.”

“How’s your day so far?” he asked.

“Busy,” I sighed.

“No one pissing you off like a prank caller?” he asked.

“None,” I said shaking my head while staring at Number One Fan’s email on my computer monitor.

“I’ll pick you up later, okay?” Alex said.

“Okay. I will wait for you.”

“REGINE, WHERE IS YOUR PROPOSAL?” Ka Rudy asked when he passed by our newsroom.

“I’m still finalizing it, Ka Rudy,” I replied. “I’ll submit it within the day.”

I turned to my computer. I immediately opened my email account. No reply from Number One Fan appeared in my inbox. I started typing:



Re: Proposal


[Reply] [Forward] [Delete] [Move]

I need to submit the proposal now. If you have any revisions or comments just say so.



Re: Re: Proposal


[Reply] [Forward] [Delete] [Move]

Do not rush me! I revised it all. This is what you have to submit. I love you… because I am your Number One Fan. ☺

P.S.: If you do not believe that Joyce was in that picture, here is another one. Enjoy!

Attachment: proposal.doc (12.6 KB); joyce_boyfriend.jpg (12 KB)

I downloaded the proposal first and had it printed. After printing, I went back to look at the other attachment. The filename made me think of Joyce’s relationship. I clicked on the attachment and saw the picture.

The photograph showed Joyce and an unidentified man in cunnilingus.

I immediately sent a text message to Joyce and asked her boyfriend's name. I got an instant reply from her.

“Sis, I don’t have a boyfriend right now,” she replied via text message. “Why did you ask?”

“I just received disturbing photographs of you having sex,” I answered.

“What? Could you please send me the pictures?” she texted.

I sent her the two pictures via MMS. After a few minutes, I got a reply.

“Sis, it's obvious that it came from a pornographic video site and the girl was just a look-alike,” she replied. “What is this all about?”

“I think the prank caller is playing tricks on me again,” I replied. “We will discuss about this later. Be careful, Sis.”

I ASKED HELP from a good friend, a senior editor and cinematographer, an expert in photography.

“Can you check if these pictures manipulated or not?” I asked Boy Valdez.

Eduardo “Boy” Valdez looked serious at his age of late thirties and his hair started to thin. His dark-skinned hands moved the mouse to view the pictures I sent him via email.

“I couldn’t say,” he said as he stared at the monitor. “It may be yes, it may be no.”

“If I return to you after a few days, would you tell me by then if it is authentic or not?” I asked.

“Let me try,” as he stared at the photograph. “I saw something peculiar but I have to check further.”

I COULD NOT CONCENTRATE on reading Number One Fan’s proposal. I tried to cast away from my mind those pictures. Yet, I have to review the proposal before giving it to Ka Rudy.

I wondered if Number One Fan read my proposal and changed everything. His well-written proposal had no typographical errors. It looked like Number One Fan might have graduated in Journalism or Mass Communications.

Program Proposal

“Behind the Crimes” will be a weekly, 30-minute News and Current Affairs production. It features documentary of sensational and mysterious crimes in the country. The recent deaths of Professor Jose Luis Anacleto III and Ponciano Borja suspects a serial killer. A serial killer who attacks members of the media is something new and controversial.

The proposed host for the show is Regine Sta. Maria. She established a record of accomplishment as a field reporter and became a news anchor. Each week she will have a new topic and updates on the previous episodes until the police identify and catch the serial killer.

We will have no trouble in finding guests. PNP Senior Inspector Noel Carrillo is currently handling the two cases. He will be the special guest or consultant. It could be possible that he will co-host, too as he can shed light on the progress of the investigations.

Initial episode tackles the two deaths mentioned. Police could not definitely say that one killer committed these crimes. Besides, we want to feature a profile of probable suspects. We may explore their lives with their biographies, which may help in solving the cases.

Common Foods Philippines and Barako Mama Café have committed as major sponsors. Other potential sponsors also exist within our broadcast area.

Production costs would be minimal. Episodes are “taped as live” on Thursday evenings at Studio 5. Three cameras will operate --- one reserved for tabletop close-ups of exhibits.

Nitz Henson and Lor Kagaoan would be the producer and director respectively. Our initial season would run for 13 episodes or less until the police catch the serial killer.

The interviewees would appear without compensation. But the sponsors have indicated that they would give gifts in exchange for on air acknowledgments.

The proposed time slot is Saturday night, 10:30 P.M. Right now "Where In the World?" (which concludes February 25) occupies that slot. The final decision on this would be up to Programming.

The show has three segments:

Segment #1 – Introduction of the guest; overview of the day’s topics with a brief look at footage and exhibits. (about 8 minutes)

Commercial gap 1 (about 3 minutes)

Segment #2 – In depth discussion of the topic/s, voice over on re-enactment of the crimes, footages of interviews, etc. (about 8 minutes)

Commercial gap 2 (about 3 minutes)

Segment #3 – Wrap up of discussion and conclusion. Setting an expectation and providing an update on the previous episode/s, if any. (about 8 minutes)

We would have the option of going to four segments separated by three commercial gaps. This will depend on the increase in advertisements.

Production will contact Police S/Insp. Noel Carrillo about doing a special guest appearance for the show. If he agrees to co-host “Behind the Crimes”, we would prefer him to be under exclusive contract with us for the duration of the series. He has agreed in principle to be part of “Behind the Crimes.”

I noticed something written at the next page. It was a list of names.

Director: LorKagaoan

Producer: Nitz Henson

Writer and Host: Regine Sta. Maria

Editor: James Santiago

Cameraman: Boy Valdez

Sound Technician: Wally Pascual

Number One Fan knew these people.

Was he an employee here at RMBN? Was he from News and Current Affairs? Why would he submit his proposal along with the names? How would I explain this to Ka Rudy and to Management that someone dictated this to me? Also, why did he assume that Inspector Carrillo would accept the role as co-host?

NITZ TOUCHED MY SHOULDERS when she approached me at my desk.

“What is this that I’ve heard that you proposed a TV documentary?” she asked as she took a vacant chair and sat beside me.

“I just told Ka Rudy… it’s just a documentary about the deaths of Prof. Anacleto and Mr. Borja,” I said. “If it clicked, then it will become a weekly crime documentary show. Wait, how did you know?”

“I was talking to Ka Rudy awhile ago,” she said. “And he wanted me to be the Executive Producer of your show.”

“Really? Wow!” I embraced Nitz with delight. “Thank you, best friend.”

“Okay, okay,” Nitz yielded. “So I am now on search for our staff just in case this goes on production.”

I gave her a gleeful grin to show my excitement in the progress of my plan.

“And a special contact with PNP and NBI as resources,” Nitz continued. “I have to ask Patrick’s help.”

“Oh, can we ask Inspector Carrillo, too?” I asked. “He’s the one who investigates the case of Mr. Borja, right?”

“Hmm… that’s possible,” Nitz said. “But with him handling the cases right now, he might be busy. Let’s see.”

“Is it okay if I talk to him?” I asked. “I may ask for Patrick’s help.”

“Sure, no problem,” she said. “You’ll just inform them of the plan but I’ll do the dealing, okay?”

I have noticed something on Nitz as she kept on moving her hand.

I took her hand and held it.

“Wait,” I said. “What’s this?”

I stared at a ring on her finger.

“Oh, this,” she said. “It is a post-Valentine gift from Patrick.”

“Is this an engagement ring?” I asked.

“He proposed,” Nitz whispered. “And I said ‘yes’.”

“Oh, my God!” I whispered. “I’m so happy for the two of you.”

I gave Nitz a hug.

“When’s the wedding?” I asked.

“Next year,” Nitz said. “Patrick ordered to have you as my maid of honor.”

“How will I refuse?” I said. “Both of you are my closest friends.”

“SIR, IF IT’S NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK,” said SG Arnel Castro as he might have recognized Number One Fan. “Is it possible for you to move your car over there? You’re no longer allowed to park here.”

“And why?” asked Number One Fan, beginning to lose his temper.

He had been temperamental since this morning at work.

“This area is already reserved for Management and its visitors,” answered the guard. “The parking assignments have changed recently.”

“And where should I park then?” Number One Fan asked back.

“There,” the guard said pointing to a specific direction. “Somewhere near the employees’ entrance.”

“That’s too far,” Number One Fan complained. “Can I just park here for awhile? I’ll be back in less than fifteen minutes.”

“Sorry sir, it can’t be,” the guard replied. “We just received orders from Management.”

So Number One Fan followed and parked the car farther near the employees’ entrance. He went out of the car and walked back towards the lobby. He saw someone familiar who parked in the reserved parking area so he called out the roaming guard’s attention.

“Why did you let him park there?” asked Number One Fan. “I thought that’s reserved for Management?”

“He’s Management’s visitor,” the guard answered.

“No, he’s not!” Number One Fan shouted. “I knew him; he’s from the IT Department!”

“That’s what they told me over the radio, Sir,” the guard said. “So I let him park here. Do not be angry with me. I’m just doing my job.”

Little did Number One Fan knew, the Management’s visitor the guard referred to was a retrenched IT executive.

IT WAS PAST SEVEN O’CLOCK in the evening. SG Castro’s shift had ended. He entered the men’s CR first, followed by Number One Fan. Both went to the male urinal. Then SG Castro went to the sink to wash his hands. After a few minutes, Number One Fan strangled the guard with a necktie. The guard tried to fight back but Number One Fan was taller and stronger. Number One Fan tightened the necktie on the guard’s neck until he could not breathe and passed out. Number One Fan pulled him into the corner. He checked his pulse, and tightened the necktie more to look like the guard committed a suicide. Then he went back to face the mirror, took off his gloves, then put them on his pocket. He checked himself at the mirror one last time and left.

I SAW ALEX AND DAVID TALKING when I went out of the lobby. It seemed that they were in a heated discussion.

“Don’t threaten me, David. I know what I’m doing,” I heard Alex said. “Don’t forget, David. Everybody knows you’re the reason of Adele’s suicide and suspected on your parents’ death.”

“Alex!” I called out.

The two men stopped their conversation and looked at me.

“Hi, Regine!” Alex greeted and he immediately put his arms around my shoulders. “Let’s go.”

“Did I interrupt you two?” I asked as I looked at them one after the other.

“No,” Alex immediately said in a firm voice. “Until next time, bro.”

“Enjoy your evening,” said David as he tapped Alex’s shoulder.

I turned to David and we stared at each other.

“Let’s go,” I heard Alex again as he tugged my shoulders.

I felt that David’s stare followed us as Alex and I went to the parking lot.

“What were you talking about?” I asked Alex while walking. “I’ve heard something about Adele and his parents.”

“Nothing,” he said. “We’re just catching up on some things…”


“It’s something between us,” he said.

SELDOM DO WE SISTERS SAT DOWN TOGETHER for a snack, much more for a meal. So when I got home late at night after a date with Alex, I shared with Joyce of a cake Alex and I bought. We dined on the table and I sliced the cake for us.

“Tell me the truth, Joyce,” I said as I handed to her a slice of Dulce de Leche. “Are you in a relationship right now?”

“No, Sis,” she answered as she took the plate from me and started to taste the cake. “You know I’m trying to maintain my grades and working at the same time. How can I squeeze in having a relationship?”

“I’m not preventing you to have a relationship with someone,” I said as I started making myself my last cup of coffee for the night. “And if ever you’re with a guy, try to be careful. I just don’t want you to be…”

“I know, right?” Joyce cut me off as she waved her fork in the air. “Those pictures were disturbing. And you know that it’s not me.”

“I’ve also asked an expert to check it for me,” I said as I continued preparing my coffee. “I’m hoping that it’s not you.”

“Why? What if it was me?” she asked as she stopped eating and looked at me.

I stared at her and shook my head.

“I don’t know… I really don’t know,” I said.

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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