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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5080 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  I REVISED THE PROPOSAL down to one page. I kept it plain and simple. I modified the format into something that looked like an independent short film instead of a crime documentary. With the viewers’ changing tastes, I thought that this would be most likely approach.

  I sent the revised proposal to Ka Rudy via email first thing the next day. After an hour, he called.

  “Mr. Dizon has approved your proposal,” he said over the phone. “We will keep the original title, and I already gave Nitz Henson the go signal. Your team may start brainstorming. Consider this as a priority project. Congratulations, Regine!”



  NUMBER ONE FAN DIALLED A NUMBER and heard it rang.

  A female voice answered the call, maybe a secretary.

  "RMBN, Mr. Dizon's office. Jenna speaking, how may I help you?"

  "Hi, Jenna," Number One Fan said changing his voice a little. "Is Mr. Dizon there? I'm about to meet him today."

  "I'm sorry, sir. Mr. Dizon already went out for his luncheon meeting. Is this Mr. Filomeno?"

  "Yeah," Number One Fan replied.

  He smiled that the secretary assumed him as the one Mr. Dizon’s appointment for that day.

  "Sir, he's on his way to Gloria Maris Restaurant along Timog Avenue. He'll meet you there for lunch," the secretary said.

  "Thank you for that information, Jenna," Number One said as he put down the phone.



  FROM A VANTAGE POINT, he saw the white Honda CRV get out of the RMBN Compound and saw Mr. Dizon driving. He started his motorcycle and followed the vehicle. It reached Gloria Maris Seafood Restaurant along Timog Avenue.

  Manuelito Dizon, in his mid-fifties, tall, thick hair, and used to be athletic, went inside the restaurant. Someone inside the restaurant stood up and met him. They sat on a table and started to order their lunch. Number One Fan waited outside, and took a vantage point where he could observe Dizon from the outside.

  After an hour or so, he saw Dizon stood up and shook the man’s hand. It signaled him to move fast. He approached the white Honda CRV and with a strange lock pick that he held; he opened its door and entered the vehicle. He would be waiting for Dizon inside the van.

  Dizon entered the van, and as he started the engine, Number One Fan pointed his gun at Dizon’s nape. Dizon froze and looked at the rear view mirror.

  “Drive to your house in Antipolo,” said Number One Fan. “Don’t ever make a mistake or else you’ll die.”

  “How did you get in here?” Dizon asked while looking in the rear view mirror. “What do you want from me?”

  “Be quiet!” Number One Fan said as he stuck the end of his gun to Dizon’s nape deeper. “Just obey my orders, understood?”

  “What have I done to you?” Manuelito Dizon asked as he started the engine.

  “You don’t need to know…”

  “Did you kill Ka Poncing Borja?” he asked while he started to steer the wheel.

  “What if I told you I did?” Number One Fan answered.

  “Did you also kill the security guard?”

  “Stop asking questions! Just drive!”



  “ON BEHALF OF REGINE STA. MARIA and of all the staff of RMBN Channel 3 News and Current Affairs, I am David Lim. Thank you, until the next edition of RMBN, Royale Metro Balita Ngayon. Good night.”

  I removed my lapel microphone once I heard the theme song played on air. I glanced at David and smiled at him.

  “It’s seven o’clock and I have a date,” I said to him.

  We left the stage together and I saw Alex and Ka Rudy behind the camera, both came in towards the latter part of the newscast.

  “Hi!” I greeted Alex. “How did you get in here?”

  “I gave Ka Rudy a short visit,” he said. “He said he would drop by here so I went with him. He said it was okay.”

  “I have good news for you,” I told him with excitement. “I now have a TV program. I thought they would disapprove it, but I submitted my revisions on time.”

  “Great! I’m proud of you,” said Alex and kissed me on the cheeks. “Let’s celebrate.”

  “Ka Rudy,” David called. “Is there any news on Mr. Dizon?”

  “Nothing yet,” Ka Rudy replied. “I’m getting worried as well.”

  “Why? What happened?” Alex asked me.

  “Mr. Dizon has been missing since this afternoon,” I said. “He didn’t show up on all his appointments after lunch. Ka Rudy was able to talk to him earlier this morning. We haven’t solved the death of Mr. Borja, and now, here is Mr. Dizon missing.”

  “There, Regine,” David said. “You have something to tackle on your pilot episode.”

  I stared at David.

  What does he mean by that?

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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