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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5079 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  THE NEXT DAY, I saw another email from Number One Fan in my inbox. I clicked on it to read.




  Re: lie low


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  I will wait for your program’s pilot episode. I will not disturb you for a while. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures.


  There were so many attachments in Number One Fan’s email. Among these was a picture of a naked man, blindfolded, and tortured. The filename was Alex_torture.jpg.

  The man does not look like Alex to me. What are these?

  The files were Joyce_PE1.jpg and two more attachments.

  I clicked on the next photographs. These were Joyce’s picture swimming in her PE class. Also, two pictures of Joyce having sex with a man.

  I still could not recognize who the man was. Nor I could not determine if Number One Fan manipulated the photo to look like Joyce or not.

  The last three were my pictures walking out of the lobby taken from a hidden camera.

  Was Number One Fan following me wherever I go?



  I ALSO RECEIVED AN EMAIL from Boy Valdez about the photos I asked him to scrutinize. He said in his email that someone manipulated the photos based on a few pixilation he saw. I felt relieved.

  During the day, I saw him dropped by the newsroom and called him to my workstation.

  “How about these pictures?” I asked when I showed him my pictures going out of the lobby. “Were these from our CCTV?”

  “No,” Boy replied. “He just added the date and time to look like from a CCTV. From the looks of it, someone took a photo of you without your knowledge using a cell phone.”

  I took a deep breath and shook my head. Boy might have noticed my actions.

  “Is there something wrong, Regine?” he asked.

  “Not that I’m worried about,” I said. “Someone is just crazy to play tricks on me.”



  “KA RUDY, MAY I HAVE A WORD with you?” I asked when I entered his office.

  This time, he had transferred to Mr. Borja’s office. As expected, he drew the curtain to the side, exposing the glass window overlooking the city. Aside from many plaques and trophies, photos of his family and grandchildren, adorned the shelf behind him.

  “Sure. Have a seat,” said Ka Rudy.

  I closed the door behind me and sat down across Ka Rudy.

  “Anything I can help you?” he asked.

  “I do not know where to start, Sir.”

  “Well, start from the top.”

  I took a deep breath and started telling him the story about the prank caller. I tried not to mention sensitive details that can put everyone in harm’s way. I also hid my suspicions and observed Ka Rudy’s expression. I concluded the story with the last email I received this morning.

  “I’m not so sure if I have to mention about the prank call or not,” I said.

  “That’s good, Regine,” said Ka Rudy. “You have a potential top rating show in your hands. Go ahead and feature the prank caller in your pilot episode.”

  “But, Sir, viewers may think I’m making this up,” I said. “Also, we already have the pilot episode planned.”

  “Let it be,” said Ka Rudy. “I’ll tell Nitz to put that plan aside.”

  He stood up from his seat and started walking back and forth, thinking of more ideas.

  “Why not play with your prank caller?” Ka Rudy suggested. “Follow his orders to the letter. Who knows? You might catch him in the act.”

  I just listened to what Ka Rudy had to say.

  Why did Ka Rudy react that way? Possible harm does not bother him. What if Ka Rudy was behind all these? Was David his accomplice? Come to think of it, Ka Rudy succeeded Mr. Borja. But what would be between Ka Rudy and Prof. Anacleto?

  “And if the viewers liked it,” he continued, “everybody will shine. Not only you, the program, News and Current Affairs, RMBN, and but also the prank caller. That’s what he wants, right?”

  Was this what Nitz meant of the things I have to be careful of?








Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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