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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5330 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

I WENT TO CAMP CRAME to talk to Patrick and Police S/Insp. Carrillo. I already set this appointment a week ago.

As I waited for them in the latter’s office, I saw a framed news article on the table and took it. Then I heard Patrick entered the room.

“Regine,” he said, “make yourself at home. He will be here in a while.”

“Thanks, Patrolman,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind me reading this.”

“That was his first case when he entered PNP,” Patrick said. “According to him, until now, that case is still unsolved.”

“Until now?” I asked.

“Although the main suspect is now dead, Boss said that the case still bothers him.”

I read the article:

“A 9-year old boy survived the shooting of an unidentified suspect. According to DJ (not his real name), he found his parents, Nimfa and PO3 Danilo Ortiz dead. Both were shot at the head while sleeping. According to the child, someone might have entered their house and shoot his parents. Because of DJ’s tendency to cover himself with a blanket while sleeping, the suspect might not have noticed him. DJ said he woke up upon hearing a gunshot and saw a masked man going out of their room. According to PO1 Noel Carrillo, DJ was speechless and trembling with fear when he found the child inside the room. Neighbors said they heard gunshots so they called the police but no one noticed a man coming from the victim’s house. Because it happened at dawn and a child only as witness, police suspected that robbery and burglary were the motives. Some amount of money, a few appliances, and the service firearm of PO3 Ortiz were missing.”

I looked at the date. It happened in December 1993, the same year my parents died.

The memories of the faceless killer holding a bloody knife and my aunt’s shouts haunted me again.

“Is there something wrong?”

I jolted back to reality when I heard P S/Insp. Carrillo came in.

I shook my head.

“Good afternoon, Inspector,” I greeted. “The reason why I’m here, I would like to request for your help.”

“Dagul already mentioned that to me in passing,” he said as he sat down on his chair.

“Sorry if I have to tell him in advance,” Patrick said. “I know you wanted to tell him the project yourself.”

“No problem, Patrolman,” I said. “You’re my best friend and I think I have Nitz’s and your support on this.”

“Give us the details, Miss Sta. Maria,” said Inspector Carrillo. “Dagul, prepare us coffee.”

“Yes, Sir,” Patrick said as he went to the coffee tray at the corner.

“I’ll be having a TV program that would tackle on the deaths of Prof. Anacleto and Mr. Borja. The deaths are under investigation by your team,” I said.

“That would be no problem,” the senior officer said. “We could be partners in solving these cases.”

“Really?” I said. “I was thinking you might be too busy…”

“Ka Luis and Ka Poncing were my friends, too,” said Carrillo. “And as a police officer handling these cases, I would like to be hands-on in its investigation.”

“Thank you, Inspector,” I said. “By the way, Nitz Henson will call you up about the contract, stuff like that.”

“Just let her come here and we’ll discuss that. You’re the host of that program, right?”

“Yes, and at the same time, the head writer.”

“Oh, good! At least, we’ll just be dealing with you on some sensitive details.”

Patrick returned, pushing the coffee tray near us.

“Here, help yourself,” he said as he pointed the biscuits and cups of coffee on the tray.

“Thanks, Patrick,” I said.

“How about the prank caller, did he call you back?” Patrick asked.

I stopped to think.

If I was able to tell the story to Ka Rudy, then I should tell the same to them.

So I decided right there and then to tell the same story, leaving out the sensitive details first. It is not that I distrust Inspector Carrillo, but he might be Ka Rudy's possible accomplice. Moreover, Patrick may be in danger.

“So, you’re suspecting David Lim and the strange man you saw that evening?” Patrick asked.

“Well, I don’t want to point a finger to David; I don’t have enough evidence to prove it. As for the strange man, I don’t know, he’s creepy.”

“Could you describe to me the strange man?” asked Patrick.

So I described the old man as best as I could to both of them. Inspector Carrillo asked me to talk to a cartographer so they could have a composite image of the stranger.

“You have to send us the emails of this Number One Fan,” Carrillo added. “We have to trace where it’s coming from. We’ll ask NBI for help, if necessary.”

“Also, those pictures,” Patrick added. “Include all attachments.”

“Use the card you told me,” Carrillo said. “Show that Number One Fan exists.”

“Would that be too dangerous?” I asked.

“Rudy Echaves is right when he said to go with Number One Fan’s wishes,” Carrillo said. “He wants to be Number One, then give it to him.”

After a few minutes, I started asking them about the details on Prof. Anacleto and Mr. Borja’s death.

“Our theory is right,” Patrick said. “The suspect used a silencer. There were marks found in the gun to prove it.”

“But the silencer was not found in the car, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “The suspect might have taken it. There is something curious about that angle. How did the suspect know what kind of gun Ka Luis has?”

“Also,” Carrillo interrupted, “I’ve asked Belinda, Mrs. Anacleto, about Ka Luis’ gun. She said that he doesn’t have a silencer or any other gun accessories.”

“Then, it’s possible that the suspect knows Ka Luis that well,” I said.

“Well, with those details you gave us about Number One Fan, we can come up with something,” Patrick said.

“We’ll be exchanging information, Regine,” said Carrillo. “Trust us. We will do our best to solve these cases and to help your TV show. By the way, I’d suggest that you refrain from telling some details to anyone, even to your sister or to your boyfriend.”

I looked at them, one after the other.

“That way, we can narrow down and pin point who Number One Fan is,” he added.

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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