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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5329 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  THE NEXT DAY, Number One Fan watched TV. He lay on the sofa with an ice-cold beer in one hand. A news flash showed on screen.

  “From the newsroom of RMBN Channel 3, I am Regine Sta. Maria. Police found the body of the missing RMBN Channel 3 Director for TV Programming, Manuelito Dizon. Police found his body in a remote, mountainous area in Antipolo, Rizal after four days of searching. Investigators suspect that his car fell on a cliff beside a narrow, winding road. Police are still determining if there was a foul play or was it an accident…”

  The TV screen showed a video of police officers and rescuers lifting a covered body from a grassy area.

  “Regine, until now you haven’t got any clue…” Number One Fan whispered.

  He took the remote control and turned off the television. He took his cell phone and dialed a number.



  “MISS REGINE, TELEPHONE, direct line,” I heard the production assistant said.

  Nitz hired a fresh graduate as our production assistant and researcher. Her name was Trina and from our alma mater. She was cute, small, and chubby like someone fresh from high school. No one would think that she was twenty-one and graduated from college.

  “Thanks, Trina,” I said as I lifted the receiver. “RMBN News, good afternoon.”

  “Do you miss me?” Number One Fan asked on the other line.

  “I thought you’re lying low?” I asked as I looked at the other end of the newsroom.

  David was there, speaking on the phone, too.

  “Let’s just say, I’m getting bored with the progress of your TV show.”

  “Don’t worry; the pilot episode will be this Saturday night.”



  EVERYBODY ANTICIPATED THE INITIAL TELECAST of my TV program. I watched it at home.

  “Good evening, I am Regine Sta. Maria reporting Behind the Crimes. In our first presentation, we will discuss the mysterious deaths of four people. Two of them were veteran columnists, one was a network executive, and the other was a security guard. We will recount the story from beginning to end. We will unearth every motive and possibilities. We will not leave anything Behind the Crimes.”

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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