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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5080 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  THE NEXT DAY, I went to Camp Crame to meet with P S/Insp. Carrillo and to shoot some parts of the interview included in the episode. Before we started, we talked about the updates on the four murders.

  “We’ve discovered something,” said Inspector Carrillo. “Ballistics report of the recovered bullets that killed Anacleto, Borja, and Dizon were all the same. It is possible that it came from one gun.”

  I told him about the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star which Number One Fan sang before ending his call.

  “He wanted to target famous journalists and broadcasters…,” he said.

  “But what about the security guard?” I asked. “He said to connect all four murders.”

  “The death of the security guard was just incidental,” he said. “He might have killed him for his other personal reason.”

  “Or it may be not related to the three,” I said. “What about the stranger that I’ve mentioned? I saw him last night now dressed as a janitor, employed by a contractor.”

  “I’ll ask Dagul to check on that,” he said.

  Patrick came in and handed a piece of paper to Inspector Carrillo.

  “Sir,” he said as he handed the paper. “It’s positive that Number One Fan used RMBN’s Wi-Fi connection on all his emails to Regine.”

  “So it could be possible that he’s an employee who has access to the wireless internet connection,” Carrillo said.

  “I’ve already advised RMBN’s IT Department to change its password immediately,” said Patrick. “That way, Number One Fan, if he’s a former employee, would no longer use the wireless connection.”

  That amazed me. Number One Fan was that scheming.



  BEHIND THE CRIMES RECEIVED high ratings for two consecutive episodes. Because of this, advertisements came in especially on its time slot. Even other stations followed suit in coming up with crime documentary programs like it. But as they said, nothing beats the original.

  The program paved way for public vigilance and anti-crime, non-government organizations increased in number. Government created different task forces for every sensational crime. Security gadgets like CCTV cameras and phone caller IDs became in demand. Even telecommunications companies offered David and me to become endorsers. I thought everything was coming up roses.



  SATURDAY NIGHT. Number One Fan watched the third episode of Regine Sta. Maria’s Behind the Crimes.

  “Good evening. I am Regine Sta. Maria, reporting Behind the Crimes. Tonight, we will connect the deaths of Jose Luis Anacleto III, Ponciano Borja, and Manuelito Dizon. We will recount the story from beginning to end. We will unearth every motive and possibilities. We will not leave anything Behind the Crimes.”

  “So, you’ve discovered something,” Number One Fan whispered. “Let’s see.”

  A young woman stood in front of the TV, blocking Number One Fan’s view. She started to undress herself.

  “I didn’t agree not to report for work today to be with you just to watch TV,” she said while undressing. “I should be earning tonight.”

  “Don’t worry,” said Number One Fan. “I’ll pay you double, with tip and service charge if you want. Let me just finish the program.”

  “What is it with that woman that I don’t have?” she asked.

  “Relax, don’t be jealous,” he said. “We agreed to the plan, right? Let me just exact my revenge and you will see. They will fall down on their knees pleading for mercy.”

  The young woman, now naked, went straight to Number One Fan and straddled on him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips with demanding lust. She felt that he responded to his own weakness. She knew that she was the only one who could give him that kind of carnal satisfaction.



  I WATCHED the third episode of Behind the Crimes and at the same time waited for Joyce. I became worried when the clock has struck midnight and Joyce was not yet home. Things kept running inside my head.

  Was Joyce in danger? Was Number One Fan following her?

  I could not sleep until she came home past one o’clock in the morning.

  “Where have you been?” I asked.

  “Just hanged out with my friends after work,” she said as she went straight to her room.

  “Just a minute,” I said. “Could you please sit down and let’s talk?”

  “What for?” she asked. “Could we just talk tomorrow? I’m tired and sleepy.”

  “I said, sit down,” I commanded.

  Joyce stopped for a moment then went to the dining table and took a chair.

  “Joyce, I’ve been telling you to stay safe,” I said.

  “I am safe,” she replied. “Nothing happened to me while I was outside of this house.”

  “You can never tell…”

  “There you go again, Sis!” she interrupted. “You and your suspicions about this stalker are making you paranoid. We don’t even know if he’s real or you’re just making this up.”

  “Joyce, I’m not joking,” I said. “That stalker is real. What if he grabbed you outside and asked for anything… or worse, kills you without any reason at all?”

  Joyce stood up and went to her room.

  “I’m not yet done with you,” I said.

  “I’m here. I am safe. Don’t worry,” she said walking towards her room. “I can take care of myself.”

  She slammed the door.

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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