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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5080 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  THE NEXT MORNING, I met David along the hallway. He wore a long-sleeved trubenized shirt with a striped necktie. Dark gray suited him well. I assumed that he and Ka Rudy set another appointment that day.

  “Good morning,” he greeted and stopped in front of me.

  “Good morning,” I greeted back.

  We walked together towards the News and Current Affairs department.

  “How are you after what happened last night?” he asked while walking.

  “I’m fine,” I answered.

  “I’m sorry about yesterday,” he said. “We should have believed you.”

  “It’s alright. It was a good thing nothing happened to Ka Rudy.”

  “I wish I could help you.”

  We reached the entrance of News and Current Affairs. I stopped and looked at him.

  How could he be of help when I am suspecting him? What was with David that he looked too meek and I could not resist him? Could he be hiding his ulterior motive?

  “I know it’s hard for you to trust me,” he said. “I came from another channel and you haven’t forgiven me. Also, Management gave me a TV show, so in a way, we are competitors. But I want you to be my friend, again.”

  I nodded and smiled. I couldn’t help but to repeat his word “again” in my head.

  “I have to go, David,” I said. “We’ll be having a meeting in a short while.”



  BEHIND THE CRIMES or BTC had three episodes already and they rated high. I featured recent, sensational crimes and became a sensational TV host.

  I entered the BTC office and saw Trina alone, reading a newspaper.

  “Where is everybody?” I asked.

  “Direk Lor will be late,” she said. “He said that there's traffic along EDSA. Miss Nitz is with Ka Rudy.”

  “Where are the others? Do they know we have an emergency meeting today?”

  “They are at the canteen having brunch. They knew about the meeting."

  I looked at the clock. It was past ten o’clock.



  “IT WILL BE YOUR BIRTHDAY next week. So this Saturday, we’ll have the last segment dedicated to you,” said Nitz.

  She sipped her third mug of coffee and puffed her fifth cigarette for the day.

  “Nitz, it doesn’t fit,” I said. “A crime documentary with a birthday special looks ridiculous.”

  “Viewers also deserve a breather like a birthday special or any segment that would tackle on light topics,” said Lor.

  He nibbled on watermelon seeds.

  “I agree, Miss Regine,” said one of the staff. “Let us interview your family for your fans to know who you are.”

  “You don’t have parents anymore, right?” asked another staff.

  “Yes, so you can’t interview any living relatives,” I said. “Besides, Joyce and I have been living together away from other relatives.”

  “How about your grandfather?” asked Nitz.

  “Push your luck to have him in an interview,” I said. “You know that I’ve been estranged to him. I do not like the idea of a birthday special. I’ll just treat you to a restaurant if you like.”

  “Why?” asked Lor.

  “I don’t know, Direk,” I answered. “I feel that there’s something that will happen…”

  I stopped to think to what I have said.

  “Oh, speaking of birthday,” said Trina, “I think you left this last night, Miss Regine.”

  She stood up and went to the cabinet to take out something from there.

  “I saw this on your desk when I arrived this morning. I just hid it here in the cabinet so as not to lose it.”

  She placed a plastic bag with a box in it on the table, in front of me.

  “I don’t remember leaving anything here,” I said as I peeked into the plastic bag.

  I took out a box wrapped in a birthday gift wrapper.

  “Oh, a birthday gift,” said Lor.

  I read the message written on the wrapper:


  To: Miss Regine Sta. Maria


   Happy Birthday!


    From: Your #1 Fan


  I immediately dropped the box at the table’s center.

  “Don’t you ever touch that box!” I shouted.









Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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