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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5328 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

  I ASKED ALEX TO DRIVE the new Honda CRV. He arrived at our house around eight in the morning. We had breakfast together. Joyce already left for school earlier.

  “Management has been too gallant to give you a new car for your birthday,” he said as he started the engine.

  “I agree,” I said. “If it is a reward for Behind the Crimes, then they should have given a service car for the staff instead.”

  “Is that the reason why you suspected Ka Rudy?” he asked as we left our house.

  “Ever since he asked me to prepare the proposal for Behind the Crimes, and until now, his movements were suspicious.”

  “How about David?”

  “I saw him many times whenever I was talking to Number One Fan; he was on the phone, too,” I said. “He admitted that he took a picture of me from IT and he sent me flowers and the card said: “consider him as my Number One Fan.”

  Alex nodded upon hearing my statements.

  “How about that new janitor that you’re talking about?” he asked.

  “Remember the man I pointed to you one night?” I asked. “I saw him as the janitor after a few days. Not only that, during the bomb scare, I saw him there at the lobby smiling then he left. He’s suspicious.”

  “I see,” he nodded as he focused on his driving.

  A newspaper boy sold dailies amidst the traffic. Alex signaled him to come over.

  “Philippine Daily,” Alex said as he handed him a twenty-peso bill.

  The newspaper boy handed him the paper and gave Alex his change. He handed me the newspaper and asked.

  “Have you told this to the police?”

  “Some of them,” I said. “I haven’t had the time to discuss this in full with Inspector Carrillo and Patrick.”

  “Better be careful in telling things to Inspector Carrillo,” Alex said. “He may be Ka Rudy’s man. If you do not suspect Ka Rudy, it would be better. But no.”

  We reached Timog Avenue and Alex was about to turn.

  “I’ll just park this car and I’ll take a cab to DZQR.”

  “You’d better bring this van,” I said. “Just pick me up after the newscast. I’m not going anywhere anyway.”

  Alex looked at me.

  “Are you sure it’s okay?” he asked.

  I smiled and I bid goodbye when we reached the RMBN entrance gate.

  “It’s fine with me, Alex. Bye. See you later,” I said.

  I leaned to him and gave him a kiss.



  A CUT ARTICLE from The Philippine Daily pasted on a bond paper lay on my desk. It has a small Post-it attached to it.


  Miss Regine ---


   --- Trina


  I read the article and saw the date. It was today. I should have opened the newspaper a while ago inside the car.


In My Opinion

By Leah Edades

Moro-Moro in RMBN Channel 3?


  A series of weird events happened inside Royale Metro Broadcasting Network (RMBN) Channel 3. Recently, the car of Ka Rudy Echaves, the new head of RMBN News and Current Affairs, exploded. Yesterday, a bomb scare occurred inside the office of the TV program, Behind the Crimes, hosted by Regine Sta. Maria. Before those events, someone ambushed PoncingBorja. A security guard committed suicide inside the men’s CR. Manuelito Dizon was allegedly salvaged. It was also coincidental that the death of our publisher Jose Luis Anacleto III happened before all these. Could it be a staged play or Moro-Moro by RMBN? Why did I ask?

  Butch Roxas’ Royale Broadcasting Network started to lose income and almost gone bankrupt. They did all measures to raise the ratings of their programs. Programs kept on changing formats hoping to find the right formula for steady viewership and ratings. Yet they failed. Channel 3 ranked number four (with Channels 2, 7, and 5 consistently sharing the top 3 spots) according to the surveys. So Roxas sold half of his shares to Alfonso Chua’s Metro M Group of Companies. The network felt good after a financial blood transfusion. That was the biggest buy out this year, reaching more than P20 billion. The buyout also resulted in retrenchment of employees and reorganization within the network. It surprised all the members of the media.

  Then The Philippine Daily publisher Jose Luis Anacleto III died, Borja and Dizon followed. Then bomb threats inside RMBN happened. Also, the TV program of Regine Sta. Maria Behind the Crimes was worth noticing. She featured in her show that her prank caller committed the mysterious deaths. How could we believe in such a tale? The PNP and NBI does not have enough evidence to prove this theory. Is RMBN Management covering up something? Just asking.



  I COULD NOT BELIEVE in what I have read. I’ve known Leah Edades as a college classmate. She should have called me to ask or verify information. I shook my head in disbelief.

  I went to Ka Rudy’s office to discuss this matter and met David along the hallway.

  “Hi!” he greeted. “Have you read Leah Edades’ article?”

  “Yeah, that’s why I wanted to talk to Ka Rudy,” I said.

  “To be honest, I don’t agree with what she wrote,” he said. “Believe me, this is not a staged play.”

  I just stared at David.









Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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