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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5329 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  “MY CONDOLENCES, DAVID,” I said when I came to Cath’s wake.

  Cath’s remains lay in state in one of the finest funeral rooms of Arlington Memorial Chapel.

  “Thanks,” David said.

  I went to view Cath’s remains and offered a short prayer for the repose of her soul. David stood beside me.

  “I’ve heard the news this morning,” I said. “What did the investigators say?”

  “There was no forced entry, so it means that Caths knew her killer.”

  “Any motives?” I asked.

  “Robbery is one,” David said. “Pieces of jewelry, cash, laptop, and cell phone were missing.”

  “Any suspect?”

  “None as of the moment,” he said. “They still have to check their CCTV cameras for possible identification.”



  “I THOUGHT YOU LOVE ME,” cried the young woman. “But you don’t. You keep on hurting me.”

  “Stop that,” said Number One Fan.

  “You still love her. Do I look like her?”

  “I said stop it,” Number One Fan warned her.

  “I don’t think I look like her,” continued the young woman. “But every time you stare at me like that, it seems that you see her in me.”

  “How many times do I have to tell you to stop?” Number One Fan shouted at her.

  “Go ahead, hurt me!” the young woman shouted back at him. “Do it the way you hurt her! I’m not your former girlfriend! And it hurts me because every time you look at me, I felt that you’re looking at her. You’re sick! You’re insane! And I don’t love you anymore!”

  Number One Fan slapped her face and pushed her to lie down on the bed. He was in rage and he’s channeling his anger to this young, helpless woman with his hands.

  And later, he would regret everything he’d done. He would ask for her forgiveness. Another cycle begins…

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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