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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5329 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  NITZ, LOR, AND I WERE DISCUSSING the next episode for Behind the Crimes. Now that Abet died, I resumed the hosting and writing job.

  “Inspector Carrillo said that Number One Fan did those crimes and continued the ABC murders,” I said.

  “So let’s review,” Lor said. “He killed Leah because…?”

  “He didn’t like what she wrote in The Philippine Daily,” I answered. “She died Friday night, the day it went out on paper, remember?”

  “And how about Abet?” he asked.

  “He knew that Abet would be replacing me here in Behind the Crimes,” I said. “Number One Fan admitted it during his last phone call.”

  “So that’s E and F for us. What about G?” he asked. “Are you sure it’s Congressman Joey Guillermo?”

  “That’s what I’m thinking…” I said.

  “I don’t think so,” said Nitz. “Come on, Regine, think. Who is Catherine Lim-Go to you?”

  “She was David’s sister,” I said. “Okay, granting that we are suspecting someone here, why would he kill Caths?”

  “Blackmail,” said Nitz. “Believe me, Regine, Caths Lim-Go is letter G and not Congressman Guillermo.”

  “How sure are you?” asked Lor.

  “Patrick gave me a DVD, a sex video involving Caths,” Nitz said. “I haven’t seen it in full, because I want to watch it with you, guys. I’m looking here in my bag but I think I left it at my apartment.”

  Nitz stood up and carried her bag.

  “You’re leaving?” asked Lor.

  “I’ll be back, you need to watch it, Regine. It’s better that you we see it first before I say anything else.”



  “HOW ARE YOU, NITZ?” Number One Fan asked.

  “Hi! Why are you here?” she asked. “I thought you’re at work.”

  “It doesn’t matter where I should be,” he said. “I would like to know what is that you’re holding.”

  “Oh, this one?” she asked as she raised her hand holding a compact disk. “It’s a DVD,” Nitz said.

  “Of what video?” Number One Fan asked. “May I ask who gave that to you?”

  “Look, we know that as journalists we don’t reveal our sources,” she said.

  “Have you seen that video?” he asked.

  “Just a part of it, and I’m not sure if you’re the man in the video. That’s why I need to ask Regine,” Nitz said. “And how dare you use my best friend like that?”

  “What have you come up with?” he asked.

  “Inspector Carrillo’s team found this on Cath’s safety deposit box,” Nitz said. “A courier envelope with a Post-it stuck on it contained it. The message, which I believe was in your handwriting, led the police to suspect a blackmail.”

  “So it was Inspector Carrillo who gave that to you?” Number One Fan asked.

  “It was Patrick, and I asked for it,” Nitz said. “I’ll show this to Regine. She should know this. She should know about your true identity.”

  “No!” Number One Fan said and took the DVD from her hand.

  Nitz grabbed the DVD, preventing it to slip from her hand. Number One Fan slapped Nitz on the face and fell down the floor. He took his gun out and shot Nitz once at her head.










Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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