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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5080 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

  I JUST LEARNED FROM TRINA that Number One Fan shot Lor early the next morning. Jojo, Lor's partner, rushed him to the hospital. I visited Lor and met Jojo.

  “How is he?” I asked Jojo when I entered the room.

  “He just returned from the Recovery Room,” he said.

  Handsome, tall, and fair-skinned Fil-Am, Jojo became a bit actor after joining a reality TV show six years ago.

  “The doctor said that they took two bullets from his chest.”

  According to Jojo, a police officer would be coming over to their apartment to provide them security. Patrick suspected that Lor would be the next victim. The police officer arrived. Then he went out to buy some food for the guest. It might be the time Number One Fan shot Lor.

  We noticed that Lor’s fingers moved and his eyes opened. Jojo and I approached his bedside.

  “Lor,” Jojo said. “Regine is here.”

  “Lor,” I said. “How are you?”

  “Regine…” Lor said in a weak voice. “D-David… D-David…”

  “What do you mean?” I asked.

  “David is…”

  “Did David shoot you?” I asked.

  Lor shook his head.

  “David is the…”

  “Number One Fan?” I asked again.

  Lor didn’t answer. He breathed in effort.

  “Let him rest,” Jojo said.

  So we sat on the couch near his bed.

  “What does he want to say?” I asked Jojo.

  “Last night, he told me that he feared for his life and David would be next,” he said. “He added that he had to tell you about it. I don’t know what he meant by 'next'.”

  “Next? Next victim? Wait, I don’t think so. Maybe he said that David shot him.”

  “No, David did not shoot him,” said Jojo.

  “Are you sure?”

  “Yes,” said Jojo. “His exact words were ‘David did not shoot me, he’s next, tell Regine.”

  “How could that be?” I asked.

  Then the monitor gave a different buzzing sound. Jojo and I stood up and saw Lor’s heartbeat weakening.

  “You’d better call the nurse,” I told Jojo.

  So Jojo pressed the intercom switch and a nurse answered.

  “Nurse, come quick! Something’s happening to Lor.”

  A nurse entered the room after a few seconds and when she saw Lor’s condition, she pressed the intercom switch and said, “Code 66! Code 66!”

  After a few seconds, doctors and nurses came into the room, carrying an emergency cart with them. A nurse attached a defibrillator to Lor and another gave a dose of emergency medicines to his IV line. Another nurse told us to leave the room.

  Jojo and I waited at the corridor but after a few minutes the doctors went out of the room together with Sorrow and Death.



  “REGINE, PATRICK HERE,” I heard him said over the phone. “Would you know where Alex is?”

  “He might be in DZQR, he hasn’t called me yet,” I said. “Why? Is there a problem?”

  “His manager is dead,” Patrick said. “The remains that we found in a burned AUV last Friday was Joe Ignacio’s.”

  “Last Friday?” I asked. “Alex called me last Friday afternoon and said he was almost hit by a speeding car. He showed us his wounds during Nitz’s wake, remember?.”

  “Yes, we were able to verify that story,” he said. “But where is he now?”

  “I don’t know.”

  “Let me know if you have seen or talked to Alex, is that clear?”

  “Yes, Patrick,” I replied. “Any update on Lor’s case?”

  “I’m on my way to Camp Crame. If ever there is, I haven’t read it,” he said. “How’s Lor in the hospital?”

  “He just died,” I said. “I’m still here at the hospital with Jojo, his partner. We’re arranging matters here like death certificate, and all those stuffs.”

  “Oh,” he said and I heard him sigh.“I’m sorry to hear that.”

  “Patrick, there was something that Jojo said. David did not shoot Lor,” I continued.

  “Yes, that’s true,” said Patrick. “It can’t be David because I was with David at his condominium this morning when I got the call from Jojo. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Regine. David is not Number One Fan as you suspected.”

  “Then who is he?” I asked.



  I CALLED DAVID’S CELL PHONE number. I heard it rang.

  “Hello, Regine,” said a familiar voice. “You thought that David is I?”

  I heard Number One Fan laugh.

  “David is here as my hostage,” he said.

  “What do you mean hostage?” I asked. “Where is David?”

  “I told you, he’s my hostage,” Number One Fan said. “You don’t believe me? Okay, here he is.”

  I heard someone muffling.

  “Is that David?” I asked.

  “If you don’t want to believe me,” Number One Fan said, “come to his condominium unit here in Makati. But make sure you’re the only one who will come. Don’t tell anyone or else, David will die.”

  “Okay, just give me David’s address and I’ll be on my way.”



  I TRIED TO CALL Patrick but his line was busy. I sent him a text message that Number One Fan had David as his hostage. I couldn’t afford to wait another minute so I went to David’s condominium in Makati. When I arrived at the lobby ofBenCab building, the security guard asked me.

  “Where to, ma’am?” he asked.

  “David Lim’s unit, 1410,” I said.

  “One moment please,” he said and dialed a number on his intercom. “Sir David? You have a guest here, one moment…”

  The guard covered the receiver and asked for my name.

  “Regine Sta. Maria,” I said.

  “Her name is Regine Sta. Maria, Sir,” the guard said over the intercom. “You may go now to his unit. The elevator is at the right side.”

  “Thank you,” I said and immediately went to the right side hallway towards the elevator. I was the only one who entered the lift so I pressed the button number 14. The elevator lifted and stopped. It was quiet when the door opened. I looked for Unit 1410 and when I found it, I pressed the doorbell.

  The door opened. I saw David on the couch, his hands tied behind his back, a handkerchief gagged his mouth, and it has blood on it, too.

  “David!” I cried as I approached him and untied the handkerchief on his mouth.

  Then I felt something cold and hard pressed on my left temple.

  “It’s good that you came here alone,” said Number One Fan.

  I heard a familiar voice so I turned my head to see who spoke.









Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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