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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5080 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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  “You are Number One Fan?” I asked.

  Alex laughed and pulled me towards him. The tightness of his grip on my arm hurt me.

  “Ouch! Alex let me go!” I said as I struggled to let go of his hand.

  “Please, Alex, do not hurt her!” shouted David. “You’re exacting revenge against me, so do it to me, and not to her!”

  What does he mean by Alex’s vengeance?

  Alex pushed me to sit down beside David and he started to tie my hands behind me.

  “Bro, I know you’re smart,” Alex said while tying my hands with a rope. “You’re wiser than me. So why will I direct my revenge to you when I know you’ll just get the clues immediately? So I directed my revenge to your precious Regine, who is not that smart we think she is. Wasn’t that painful, David?”

  What does he mean by “precious”? Does David still love me?

  “How could you do this to us?” I asked.

  “I just looked for a good timing,” Alex said to me. “And since you’re unsuspecting, I could say that I’m more intelligent than you.”

  Alex laughed hard. “Am I right, David?”

  “But why? What have we done wrong?” I asked.

  I trusted you, that’s one.

  “Ask David,” Alex said.

  I turned to David. He had bruises on his face and blood on his lips.

  “Regine,” he said. “I’m sorry that you're involved in this.”

  “Do you still remember, Regine, when you pleaded to Number One Fan not to involve Joyce and me?” Alex asked. “It’s the same case with David. He would not let this happen to you. So when he learned about my whole plan, he tried to stop me. He called Patrick over here this morning even though you’re suspecting him as Number One Fan.”

  He laughed loud.

  “So you knew about this?” I asked David.

  David nodded.

  “When I saw Alex’s car one night when he fetched you,” David said. “I recognized it as one of Cath’s vehicles so I asked him about it. He said that he bought it from Caths. I think that was the time you saw us in a heated discussion and stopped when you called out Alex’s name.”




  Alex turned and saw David approaching.

  “David, I was just waiting for Regine,” Alex said.

  “It looks like you have a date,” David said. “You’re coming here more often to fetch her every night.”

  “Yup,” Alex said and tapped David’s shoulders. “I’ll go ahead, bro.”

  “Wait,” David said.

  “What is it?” Alex asked.

  “That car looks familiar,” David said. “I’ve seen that before at Cath’s.”

  “Let’s just say, I bought it from Caths,” Alex said. “Paid a handsome down payment and she agreed on my monthly terms.”

  “I see. Are you sure that you have clean intentions on Regine?” David asked.

  Alex smiled.

  “What do you think of me?” Alex asked.

  “Look, Alex,” David said. “I knew you since elementary. I don’t want anything bad to happen with Regine. You know how much I love her.”

  “Bro, I’ll not hurt her,” Alex said. “Trust me. I’ll not repeat what you’ve done to her before.”

  “How many times do I have to tell you that I never loved Adele?” David asked. “I knew how much you loved Adele. If there was someone to blame in this whole mess, it was Adele.”

  “Don’t involve the dead into this!” Alex shouted.

  “I’m warning you, Alex,” David said. “The moment I learn about any evil intentions against Regine…”

  “Don’t threaten me, David. I know what I’m doing,” Alex said. “Don’t forget, everybody knows you’re the reason of Adele’s suicide. Also, you're suspected on your parents’ death.”

  “Alex!” they heard Regine called.



  “That was also the night when Castro died in the men’s CR,” David said.

  I was silent.

  “When I asked Caths about the car, she said Alex borrowed it but she couldn’t say when he would return it. Because of conflicting statements from them, I started to suspect something,” David continued.

  “Are you telling me that you started suspecting Alex before?” I asked.

  David nodded.

  “When Inspector Carrillo called me one day to ask about Prof. Anacleto, I told him that I was expecting that they would call me. I was one of those who last saw Ka Luis alive,” he continued his story.

  “I told Inspector Carrillo that I invited Prof. Anacleto for dinner. It was long overdue. You know by now that it was Prof. Anacleto who offered the post in RMBN being the chief negotiator of the merger. I invited him for dinner, my treat, because I wanted to repay his kindness.”

  "What do you mean?"

  “And since my work with RMBN was good, I decided to call and thank him. He was not just a college professor, I considered him as one of my mentors. During our dinner, he mentioned that Alex visited him weeks before the merger. But he didn’t mention what they’ve talked about. So when I saw Alex together with Joyce, holding hands inside the mall, I thought something must be going on,” David said.

  I remembered David mentioned that he saw Alex and Joyce at the mall.

  “Isn’t it that one time I asked you to fetch Joyce at school?” I asked Alex. “She didn’t report to work that night. That was also the night Mr. Borja's ambush. Inspector Carrillo and Patrick mentioned to me that they say you both there. Were you there covering the news?”

  “Of course, I have to be there,” Alex said. “That’s my beat.”

  “After buying a gift at the mall, I went back to Starbucks to meet some friends there. We were having coffee when we heard shots.”

  “So you killed Mr. Borja and went back to the scene to cover the news?” I asked Alex.


  Alex laughed. Everything became clear to me now.



  DAVID’S CONDOMINIUM measured twenty square meters and furnished in blue and black motif. He had a dining table, a bed, a couch, and a kitchen. The view on the window overlooked the metropolis. Patrick just left that morning to check on him.

  After a few minutes, someone knocked at the door. Thinking that Patrick returned, David opened the door. But he saw Alex instead.

  “Why are you here?” David asked.

  “I know what you’re planning. I just wanted to stop you,” Alex said.

  “You’re Number One Fan, right?”

  “You’re smart, David. You guess it right. Until now, Regine doesn’t have a clue about it. That’s why I want to stop you.”

  “Stop it, Alex. You’ve killed many people already, including my sister.”

  “It’s only right for me to include Caths.”

  “Even Joyce, you’ve used her.”

  “It’s only right that I use her.”

  “You’re sick, Alex. You’re doing all these just to exact revenge on me?”

  “You already have everything, David. You have everything I wanted in life: the talent, the popularity, and the women! That’s why I wanted everything back, because I deserve it, too. You took them away from me, including Adele!”

  “I didn’t take Adele from you. She was the one who professed her love for me. You know from the start that I love Regine ever since. That day, when Regine saw us, Adele admitted that you have been hurting her. She also admitted your almost incestuous relationship. Alex, Adele was your stepsister.”

  “It’s not true that I hurt her. You’re just saying that because you wanted Adele, too, and you saw us making love in your bedroom.”

  “No, I was never envious of you. You intended to go into my bedroom with her thinking that I would get jealous. But no. You are just insecure.”

  Alex pointed his gun at David.

  “Get inside, don’t make a mistake or else I’ll blow your head off.”



  I REMEMBERED the audio file Number One Fan sent me via email.

  “So it was you who sent me that audio file?” I asked Alex.

  “Yes,” he said.

  “You killed Professor Anacleto because he insulted you?” I asked.

  “Let me tell you the whole story.”



  ALEX CAME HOME that night, depressed. He put a plastic bag of cooked Cantonese style noodles on the table. Then he lighted a candle in front of Adele’s photograph on top of his cabinet.

  “It’s your death anniversary, my love,” he said.

  The six o’clock newscast aired on TV that time. News of the merger was on the headlines. Retrenched, he lost his job. He just arrived from Ka Luis’ office in the hope that the professor would help him.

  “Sorry, I can’t accept you,” Luis Anacleto said.

  He wore Barong Tagalog and looked too respectable at his age of 56. Metro M Group appointed him as publisher of The Philippine Daily. They also appointed him as the chief negotiator for the merger with Royale Broadcasting Network.

  “First, we don’t have any job openings for your qualifications,” he continued. “Second, you haven’t changed since the last time I saw you.”

  “Sir, I’m doing my best,” Alex said. “Please give me another chance to prove myself.”

  “Until now, you’re still struggling. And yet, look, nothing is happening. Do you know why? It is because you’re too proud. You lack discipline, you lack creativity, and you lack this.”

  Professor Anacleto pointed to his temples.

  “You’re nothing compared to David Lim and other classmates!”

  “Sir, I didn’t come here to be insulted. I was just looking for a job.”

  “I am just telling you the truth. And I have nothing to give you. I’m sorry. You may go. Goodbye.”

  He came home depressed. It was Adele’s death anniversary. He bought her favorite Cantonese noodles from a noodle house in Binondo.

   While he ate, he thought on how to get even with everyone who thought of him as inept and dumb.

  Someone knocked on the door.

  “Who is it?” he asked.

  “It’s me,” a girl answered.

  Alex stood up and opened the door. The young woman entered the room.

  “It’s dark in here,” she said.

  “Didn’t go to school again?” he asked as he turned on the light switch.

  “No, I don’t feel like coming to work even,” she said. “Is it okay if I stay here for awhile?”

  He smiled and nodded.

  “Sure,” he answered.

   He observed the tall, beautiful and sexy young lady who just turned eighteen. His depression turned into lust and he thought of a bright idea.

  “Come,” he said. “Let’s eat.”




  “I think I know who it is,” David said.

  “Shut up!” Alex said and pointed the gun at David. “Don’t tell her yet, I want to surprise her.”

  I was about to say something but David’s cell phone rang.










Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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