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Number One Fan


Author: issabacsa Total hits: 5329 User hits: 24 Date: 05-15-2014

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

  MY REFLEX REACTED. I thought it was I who got shot. Blood splattered on my face and body and I saw the lifeless body of Congressman Guillermo beside me. I closed my eyes, turned to David, and put my head on his shoulder. I never realized that Alex could be this demon-possessed.

  “Alex! Why did you kill him?” I heard Joyce. “You’re insane!”

  “Don’t you understand?” Alex shouted as he approached Joyce and faced her. “If you just said that you still love me, you would not see that Congressman dead!”

  “Alex, surrender, please,” David said, breathing in effort. “I’m asking this as your brother.”

  “It’s you, David!” he pulled David up by the collar. “You’re the root cause of it all! You destroyed my life!”

  “I didn’t destroy your life,” David answered back. “You chose it to be that way. After your parents died, we took you into our family. We were brothers then, remember? It was you who destroyed our trust!”

  Alex raised his hand, about to slap David’s face when Joyce prevented him.

  “Okay, Alex, I’ll return to you. Just stop hurting them!”Joyce shouted.

  “What did you say?” Alex turned to Joyce, and pushed David to the sofa.

  “I’ll go back to you,” Joyce said as she put her hands on his shoulders. “We’ll start all over again. Just don’t hurt them, please. They love each other.”

  She sat between David and me. She hugged me tight and cried on my shoulders.

  “I’m sorry, Sis,” Joyce cried. “But I have to go with Alex. That’s the only way he would stop.”

  I leaned my head on her and cried.

  “Do you love Regine?” I heard Alex ask David.

  “I do,” I heard David answered. “That’s why I wanted to stop you from the moment I’ve learned about this whole thing. I let her suspect me that I’m Number One Fan just to prove that I love her until now. Not even a single moment that feeling changed.”

  I looked at David who stared at back at me. He breathed heavy and looked tired and beaten.

  “How about you, Regine, do you still love him?” Alex turned to me.

  My heart tore into pieces. I fell for Alex but my true feelings for David resurfaced from the sea of emotions. Despite the wrong, I still have some feelings for David hanging on, rooted deep in my heart.

  Alex used me to get even with David. Congressman Guillermo used me to get what he aimed for. They used me. Friends had warned me of that.

  “Why did you use me, Alex?” I asked, crying.

  “You thought I love you?” he asked. “I’m sorry, Regine, but I have to do this. It was all part of the plan.”



  IT ALL CAME BACK TO HIM NOW as he saw Joyce crying on Regine’s shoulder.

  “You chose it to be that way,” David’s voice sounded inside his head.

  His choices, good or bad, led him here all along. He kept on blaming David for his misfortunes.

  “After your parents died, we took you into our family,” he remembered.

  Alex, a.k.a. Number One Fan, killed his own parents out of frustration and anger. Then the Lims took him into their household. Yet, even with them, he felt he does not belong.

  “We were brothers then, remember?”

  David shared everything to him. But he wanted more. He wanted everything. Intelligence, wealth, charisma, girls, and opportunities came easy to David.

  “Why did I have to be a second rate?” Alex asked himself.

  “Sometimes you have to realize that not everything you wished for will be given to you,” he remembered what Joyce had said.

  A brief sexual encounter with Caths changed everything.

  “How could you do this to me?” he remembered what Caths had asked. “You are an ungrateful brute! Is this the price of letting you live with us and treating you like a true brother?”

  “It was you who destroyed our trust!” David said inside his head.

   “I don’t love you!” he heard Adele. “I couldn’t love the man who strikes me when he’s jealous. You’re too insecure of David!”

  “I’m sorry,” Joyce cried on Regine’s shoulders. “But I have to go with him. That’s the only way he would stop.”

  Him, that was he. Joyce would go with him but that didn’t mean she loved him.

  Tears welled up in his eyes. He saw the trophies and plaques displayed on David’s shelf. He went to the shelf and lifted each trophy to read each citation. After putting down the last award David received, he swept all those with his hands. Some fell on the floor broken except for a small picture frame that remained on the right side of the shelf.

  “Alex, no!” shouted Joyce. “Those are not yours!”

  “It’s okay, Joyce,” David said almost like a whisper. “Those are just things…”

  Things. Those were just things.

  David found contentment and he had not. He had fulfilled all that he desired but was not contented at all. That maybe was the difference. Again, he had lost this game to David.

  Alex picked the small frame that remained on the shelf and looked at it. He snickered and threw the frame to Regine and David. It was Regine’s picture with an autograph mounted on a beautiful mat and framed in exquisite wood.

  “…I love her until now. Not even a single moment that feeling changed.”



  ALEX APPROACHED THE TV set and watched the live coverage. The three of us stared at the photograph Alex threw which was lying on the floor.

  I saw my autograph and it brought me back to the day when David asked for my picture. I looked up at Alex.

  He was standing in front of the TV, smiled at his close-up photograph flashed on screen.

  “We’re back, live on air. For those who just tuned in, I’m Alma Perez-Roxas, giving you updates on a one-man standoff…” said Alma on air.

  "One-man standoff..." he repeated then laughed.

  He felt the elation from his few hours of fame.

  “Thank you, Regine,” he said as he turned to me. “It’s nice working with you. Thank you for making me Number One.”

  Alex came near the window and turned to us.

  “Joyce,” he said. “Remember this: I love you as much as I loved Adele.”

  He turned to the glass window.

  “I am Number One!” he shouted as he pulled the curtain sideways exposing him.

  From the side of my vision, the glass window shattered. Alex fell on the floor with a gunshot wound on his forehead. It came from a sniper located across the building.

  Joyce and I shouted at the same time. But, I did not hear David. When I looked at him, he was already unconscious.

  “David,” I called.

  “Alex!” I heard Joyce cried.

  She went immediately to Alex’s side and wept.


  I never saw my younger sister cry like this. She must have loved Alex so much, much more than I do. I saw her hand moved towards Alex’s hand.

  Sensing what Joyce would do next, I said, “Joyce, I love you, my sister. Please don’t do that.”

  She looked at me and cried as she tried to remove the gun from Alex’s hand.

  “Sister, I can’t forgive myself for what happened to you and David. I’m so sorry.”

  “No, Joyce. Don’t do that,” I said.

  But she never listened to me. She pointed the gun to her right temple and pulled the trigger.

  “No!” I shouted at the horrific sight. “Joyce!”

  I felt weak when I saw Joyce’s body fell on top of Alex. I wept in despair seeing all four unconscious persons around me. I heard a loud bang on the door and saw Patrick and his team entered before my vision turned black.









Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Number One Fan

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