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The Flying Power

Chapter one

Author: Christina C Total hits: 1986 User hits: 22 Date: 03-22-2014

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Long ago, there was a girl named Lucy and she had two sisters named Julia and Lily. Lucy had a good life although she was poor. Her parents could not afford a car, so they had to walk to work and were often late. One day, Lucy lost a tooth and couldn’t wait till the next day!!! When the tooth fairy came Lucy looked under her pillow and she wanted it to be money. But instead there was a necklace with a locket. The locket had dust inside it (she didn’t know what the dust was for). Next to the necklace there was a letter and the letter said: "The necklace sends you to god then he sends you back. In your world time will stop so no one will worry you are gone. Don’t worry yourself because god will send you back".

Lucy thought about it and said to her mom after lunch, “May I please go outside?”

“Sure” said her mother, "but why?"

I want to ride my bike” said Lucy.

“Ok” said her mother.

The moment Lucy was about to open her locket her younger sister Julia ran outside. Lucy said in a pretty annoyed tone, “What are you doing out here?"

“I just want to play with you." replied Julia.

"Go and play with Lily" (who is her older sister), said Lucy.

“Fine!” said Julia and stomped off.

By now Lucy had opened her beautiful locket full of dust and sprinkled a pinch of dust on her. She whisked away in a thing shaped like a tornado. The houses looked like mushrooms, the bare trees looked like grass, the pond looked like a shiny puddle and the cars looked like little beetles!!! After a few seconds she arrived at god’s throne.

She saw lots of servants serving him. Then one of the servants saw Lucy and asked, “who are you?”

“I am Lucy.” said Lucy.

When Lucy walked closer to god she heard the tooth fairy whisper, “She got my necklace and letter.” And she went back to work.

Then god spoke “Whom have you brought today?"

The servant said, “This is Lucy”.

God said, “You finally came. Now I will give you the power to fly. Once I give you the power, all you have to do is to touch every person in your family."

Lucy was sent home and she did what god said and then she said, “Spread your arms and run. See what power I have given you!” Lucy said, now hovering above her family.

Lucy saw her mother’s jaw drop open and there was a complete silence. Then her mother spoke, “Who taught you how to fly?”

“Remember when I lost a tooth, there was a necklace and a letter that told how the necklace was used because it wasn’t any ordinary necklace. It took me to god and he gave me the power to fly!!! God told me if I touch you, you will have the power to fly too!!!”

Her mother was amazed. Then she tried to fly and it worked. So then her father tried and it worked! Then her older sister Lily tried and it worked!! Then Julia tried and she had to flap extra hard to fly. It was a miracle!!!

Finally, her mother said, ”look what you did! Now we won’t be late to work!!!! This is the BEST day ever!!!!!"
Epublisher - ebook, enovel, The Flying Power

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Author's words

Hi my name is Christina Chen. I am 8 years old! I am a second grader. I always wanted to fly so that inspired me to write this story. This is my second story and it is the longest story I’ve ever written!! There are some interesting words you will find. Hope you will relax and enjoy my story!!!

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