What is enovel?

Enovel, or e-novel, is a category of ebook, or the digital form of novels. That’s a form of definition any reasonable individuals can imagine.

However, that’s not we see it.

From novel to enovel, not only the change of form is obvious, but it will also have profound impact on its contents. The current ebook publishers are trying very hard to keep the attributes of printed novels, and make reading experience of enovels similar to printed ones, at lease as close as possible. These are good, but eventually they won’t be the same.

There are fundamental differences between enovel and novel, and the change will eventually take place. Right now the real evolution of enovel has not taken place yet.

So what will enovel evolve into? This should be a natural path, and nobody can really knows at this point. We’ll closely watch things happen.